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We have several developing programs, some of which are listed below. 


Please review some of the below information and please feel free to contact us about these programs.


We invite a conversation and would love to tell you more about what we are doing. 

Educational Curriculum

Educational material to help parents and children alike to cope with daily challenges and ongoing pains or struggles.

Poppy Kids Camps

Summer Camps to promote Children's health, socialization and community for children and parents. 

Poppy Care Directors

Assistant and care providers that offer daily support with the purpose of relieving parents of daily tasks.

Poppy School Kids

Awareness programs in school for children, families and faculty, .

Interdisciplinary Facility Program

This program requires funding and we have started to develop the treatment algorithims for a future our current programs and future facility. 


Current development efforts include: facility acquisition, provider and administrative setup.


The goal is to have a care facility that promotes an interdisciplinary approach to treatment that includes a health assessment program and relationship assessment program for children and parents.

Poppy Life Care Foundation has created a Health Assessment Program to include 4 main department for children and their health. This includes a treatment algorithm specifically designed for children and their parents.